Most investigators believe that the 2008 Campaign staff, who later became the senior White House staff,
negotiated a campaign funding scheme with Silicon Valley billionaires. They traded DOE and TARP
funding decisions, in their exclusive favor, for crony campaign resources, campaign web marketing, stock
"skims" and insider trading edges. Goldman Sachs participated in most of the deals with a commodities
and trade-fixing swindle. The amount of taxpayer funds manipulated, appears to exceed $300B.
Links to all of the confirming information can be found below. All witnesses are willing to demonstrate,
prove and validate all of the facts, below, in an open public hearing before an appointed Federal Special
The provable facts are the following:
- Steven Chu's nomination was organized by the law firm of Covington and Burling which is
also the law-firm that Eric Holder worked for. Covington and Burling is retained by most of the
Wall Street investment banks and corporations. Both Chu and Holder have been accused, by
investigators, of running cover-ups and coordinating violations of the law.
- Applicant: Bright Automotive issued a very public letter proclaiming the DOE program to be a
- The Senate Investigating Committee issued a public investigation report proclaiming the DOE
program to be a Scam.
- Over 200 applicants have stated, to investigators, that the DOE program appeared to be a Scam.
- Goldman Sachs whistle-blowers and under-cover investigators have revealed recordings and
emails demonstrating that Goldman Sachs was involved with DOE agents and award winners in
a coordinated effort to manipulate the program for personal gain.
- Steven Chu and his associates had investments in the lithium battery industry and did not
support fuel cells, hydrogen, ultra-capacitors, energy harvesting or other technologies that
competed with their lithium-ion investments. Steven Chu and his associates took specific action
to damage any industry that competed with the lithium battery industry.
- Tesla Motors has received more free money in the form of credits, waivers and perks, from
State Tax offices, than almost any other company in California. Tesla Motors owners and
investors have given campaign cash to more State Officials and Senators than almost any other
company in California.
- Lachlan Seward of the DOE ordered his staff to destroy or “lose” applicant documents from
applicants who were not campaign donors or who competed with favored applicants of campaign
- The TV Show 60 Minutes has covered portions of the crimes in the following episodes: THE
- Senior White House staff including Rahm Emanual, Steven Rattner, David Plouffe, Robert
Gibbs, David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Bill Daley, Erick Strickland and others, suddenly quite their
White House and senior agency head jobs, in a bad economy, with no higher paying options.
These departures all happened immediately upon receiving documents from investigators
questioning “The Incident” situation.
- While the Section 136 Law required that applicants were to be reviewed on a “first come/first
served” basis; DOE staff changed the rules, internally, so that favored applicants were reviewed
first. This was a violation of the law.
- Recently acquired “lost” emails show that White House staff ordered “hit-jobs” on reporters
such as Attkisson and Woodward who started to expose issues in the incident and members of
the public in retribution for reporting the crimes. The IRS TARGETING Investigation and sites
such as have now shown that federal staff have a record of
targeting and attacking the public using government resources. Senators, governors and past
Presidential candidates are prepared to testify to this fact before a Special Prosecutor. The White
House says that its counsel's office was informed of the IRS's targeting of groups in late April,
after earlier saying that it knew that an inspector general's report about the issue was coming but
that it didn't know its findings. “Operation Rushbo” has now been exposed at a White House
coordinated attack task team.
- Tesla, Fisker, Solyndra, Abound, and similar favored applicants, were hand-held through the
DOE process by DOE staff and had little review. Competing applicants received no help from
DOE and were stone-walled and delayed until they went out of business, even though a majority
of them had better positions, metrics, technology, financials, and debt-ratios than Tesla, Fisker,
Solyndra, and Abound.
- Any applicant who questioned, or reported, the DOE process was targeted, delayed, down-
ranked, denied and, in many cases attacked with character assassination, career sabotage and
- Steven Chu, and his staff, ordered applicant submissions delayed and modified by Argonne
Labs and other reviewers, in order to down-grade applicants who were not campaign donors.
- At each federal law enforcement agency, with jurisdiction over this incident, some agents are
working on covering up and some agents are working on prosecution. This has led to a state of
zero-productivity which a Special Prosecutor is needed to break.
- Tesla Motors, Solyndra, Abound and other “CleanTech” DOE funded companies were used as
money-laundering efforts to pass campaign funding through a “skim network”.
- Steven Chu’s staff told applicant’s they had to pay money to apply, then he said he waived the
money, then he had his staff wait until after the deadline to give him the money in order to tell
those applicants that they then could no longer apply because they had “missed the deadline”.
This was one of many tactics Chu and his DOE staff employed to keep anyone who was not a
campaign donor out of the program.
- Jonathan Silver was placed into the DOE in order to work with Silicon Valley VC’s.
- The CIA published multiple reports stating that “over a trillion dollars of Lithium for electric
cars” and Indium for Solyndra-type solar tubes “could be harvested in Afghanistan”. Silicon
Valley campaign investors involved in the incident held major positions in these assets.
- The White House hired an inordinate number of Google staff and executives because Google
investors and owners controlled a portion of the policy programs at The White House.
- Gawker Media, Think Progress and Media Matters were used by Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and
David Axelrod as covert character assassination outlets in order to distribute attacks on
journalists, public policy staff and members of the public in a manner which could not easily be
traced back to the White House Press office. This is an illegal activity.
- Goldman Sachs is now under investigation, by multiple agencies, and has been charged with
billions of dollars of commodity market manipulation and was connected to every investor in
“The Incident”. Afghan minerals are “commodities”. Sachs took money in stock trading, finders
fees, intermediary fees and other “pass-along” routes. DOE staff have pointed to Goldman Sachs
as one of the “key architects of the scheme”. Goldman Sachs has now been called before the U.S.
Congress as part of escalating investigations into their activities.
- Rahm Emanuel’s senior aide in charge of finance was indicted for corruption and racketeering.
Amer Ahmad, Rahm Emanuel’s senior finance aide was arrested for conspiracy, corruption and
racketeering. He pleaded guilty in federal court to charges that he steered state business to his
financial adviser in exchange for more than $500,000 in kickbacks.
- Tesla Motors has a vast number of lawsuits filed against it for FRAUD, BREACH,
HOMICIDE, SECURITIES MANIPULATION and other very serious matters.
- Tesla stated in it’s own words, in it’s federal patent filings, that it’s particular battery
configuration and chemistry was “likely to kill you, your family or your neighbors and burn
down your home, your office or your neighbors structures.” DOE and NHTSA officials saw
these documents, yet chose to ignore them in order to not upset campaign donors.
- The Department of Energy hired IBM Consulting to “evaluate” auto loan applications when
IBM Consulting staff had little or no experience in the auto industry. The IBM staff operated
from a small office of a Chinese Church in Virginia. IBM abandoned that office when confronted
about it. Witnesses have charged that Steven Chu told this IBM group what results to come up
with in order to rig the applicant progress in favor of campaign donors. In fact, history has now
shown that only campaign donors received funding and every single non-campaign donor was
sabotaged and/or cut-out.
- Panasonic battery company has been charged with bribery, dumping, price fixing and
thousands of deaths in other countries. Panasonic makes the batteries for Tesla
- Dianne Feinstein lobbied for Tesla and Solyndra to get the adjacent properties on land related
to her family, in Fremont California. She lobbied against any competing parties getting that land.
Her family owned the construction company to build the buildings, the leasing company to lease
the buildings, the staffing company to hire the employees and owned insider trading stock in the
companies that supplied some of the materials to Tesla and Solyndra. Her husband had
ownership connections to the adjacent railroad properties.
- The computers of Dianne Feinstein, and her family, were hacked by federal investigative
agencies in order to examine her potential involvement with charged illicit activities.
- Senior White House staffer Rahm Emanuel had a personal relationship with Department of
Energy “Evaluation Center” Argonne National Labs
- In March 2012, Rod Blagojevich began serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison following
conviction for corruption including the soliciting of bribes for political appointments including
the 2008 vacant U.S. Senate seat of then-President-Elect Barack Obama, while in public office.
The case pointed to White House staff Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett, who had dealings with
Blagojevich. Jarrett’s White House tenure was delayed by FBI investigations.
- The services of Covington and Burling were paid for by Silicon Valley Vc's
- Almost every decision by Steven Chu, while at the Department of Energy, only benefited
entities connected to Silicon Valley Vc's
- Under Steven Chu, more companies got more money and went bankrupt faster than ever
before, relative to all of recorded human history
- Steven Chu had prior existing personal relationships with Silicon Valley Vc's
- Steven Chu hired his staff from a list provided by Silicon Valley Vc's
- At taxpayer expense, Steven Chu's staff commuted back to Silicon Valley on private jets, each
- The DOE fees for campaign backers were waived, but just for campaign backer's companies
- Silicon Valley Vc's had their companies manipulate internet search engines to up-rank DNC
candidates and down-rank GOP candidates per communications with Senior White House staff
- NASA gave The NASA AMES airfield and jet fuel to Silicon Valley Vc's at the direction of
White House Staff and California Senators. This appears to be a campaign “thank you” gift.
- Silicon Valley Vc's compensated McKinsey Consulting staff for authoring White Papers for
The White House and the U.S. Congress which only discussed the positive aspects of companies
which happen to have been owned by Silicon Valley Vc's . Some Mckinsey staff have now been
indicted and jailed for stock market manipulation.
- Deloitte consulting was both the accountant for DOE applicants and a DOE reviewer for DOE
- Whistle-blower Gary D. Conley, who railed against the inequality of federal actions on behalf
of Silicon Valley Vc's, was found with a bullet in his head under questionable circumstances
- Wall Street Journal energy industry reporter David Bird, while investigating part of this story,
has disappeared and even the FBI can’t find him.
- Consultants for Tesla Motors submitted multiple documents to the U.S. Government which
stated that the Tesla batteries could cause cancer when they burned or out-gassed
- Consultants for Tesla Motors submitted multiple documents to the U.S. Government which
stated that the Tesla batteries were mounted in a configuration which make them more likely to
blow up than in any other configuration
- Panasonic provided documents to the U.S. Government which stated that Tesla Batteries "were
not authorized for automotive power use".
- Eric Strickland, The Head of the National Safety Agency, quit his job 48 hours after receiving
news from reporters that they knew he had manipulated Tesla's safety data. He had been given
numerous reports on the safety dangers of both GM and Tesla vehicles, yet ignored these reports
for long periods due to requests to “not upset campaign donors”.
- The applications for DOE funding by applicants who were not campaign backers were
manipulated by Steven Chu and his staff. In a public, side-by-side comparison, today, of the
applicants documents, almost none of the “winners” would have qualified.
- Steven Chu's nomination docket was almost entirely set-up by Silicon Valley Vc's
- Dianne Feinstein's husband is on the Silicon Valley VC group list.
- An inordinate number of Steven Chu’s DOE awardees needed the minerals which existed in
- Solyndra needed Indium from Afghanistan. Silicon Valley Vc’s had a business interest in
mining efforts for Indium in Afghanistan.
- The Silicon Valley Vc's held featured stock in Afghan minerals
- The Silicon Valley Vc's held featured stock in lithium battery profits
- McKinsey Consulting provided both the congressional pitch papers AND the Staff for Steven
Chu, which were then used to pitch the “winning” of DOE money by the very people who paid
- A plane crashed with three senior Tesla staff in it. One of them was a whistle-blower. All 3
were killed. One was known to be a whistle-blower.
- Tesla broke federal law by claiming to not be near bankruptcy when it submitted it's Section
136 documents. Elon Musk is now recorded on TV saying Tesla was about to go bankrupt when
it was applying for the DOE ATVM loan, this is a violation of the law.
- Tesla claimed, in its application to DOE, that, as of Today, it would have sold over $1 million
Tesla’s. It has only sold 20,000 and the cost to sell those 20,000 has been hirer than any car in
history, mostly due to mismanagement.
- Steven Chu manipulated federal filing documents to hide Tesla's application falsehoods
- In a public side-by-side comparison, almost none of the companies that received Department of
Energy funding would have won over the other applicants
- All of the hundreds of Department of Energy applicants who were tossed out of the DOE
funding process had not made campaign contributions
- The few "winners" of the DOE funding just happened to be connected to the largest campaign
- Stock market analysts, including researchers from the book: FLASH BOYS, featured on 60
Minutes, have documented, all will provide in public hearings, evidence of Tesla Motors
pumping it’s stock in order to mask bad news that appears in the press about Tesla
- The "winners" of the DOE money used the DOE money to manipulate public stock market
metrics by booking the loans as profits, or credits, in order to “cook their books” and grab
windfall profit